Residential Concrete

St. Petersburg Concrete Company is proud to provide clients with high-quality residential concrete services that increase the aesthetic appeal, functionality, and financial worth of the property. Our team of highly skilled workers is committed to providing remarkable outcomes, fitting your specific requirements. No matter if you need a new driveway, patio, pool deck, or base, we have the skills and materials required to take care of projects of all sizes.


Our team specializes in creating robust and aesthetically pleasing driveways, which not only serve as a practical area for parking cars but also boost the appeal of a property. We have a plethora of selections including concrete paving stones, revealed amalgamation, patterned concrete, and furthermore. In the blueprint period, we take into consideration elements such as gradient, composition, drainage, and ornamental components to tailor a customized solution that suits your preferences.

Patios and Exterior Recreational Areas

Create a relaxing and enjoyable area with our carefully designed patios and outdoor areas. Whether you have in mind a cozy atmosphere for entertaining or a relaxing space for tranquility, our team can make your dream come true. We provide numerous design choices, featuring imprinted concrete, ornamental overlays, exposed aggregate, and additional. Our professional team takes great care to ensure that all elements of your patio, including the organization, pattern, shade, and feel, are in harmony with your home and showcase your style.

Pool Decks

Maximize the protection, beauty, and practicality of your pool space with our certified pool deck installations. We recognize the distinct difficulties that pool decks face, for instance, contact with water, UV light, and regular usage. Our specialists are competent to form and develop non-slip, durable, and aesthetically pleasing pool decks. We provide a diversity of finishes, such as stamped concrete, raised coatings, and ornamental wraps, to construct a pool deck that complements your pool layout and enhances your external area.


It is essential to have a reliable base for the stability of your home. Whether you are building a new house or increasing its size, our foundation services offer a robust and dependable foundation. We employ industry-standard procedures and legally mandated requirements to guarantee a secure foundation. Our team of specialists evaluates factors like the soil grade, stress-tolerant demands, and site-specific details when conceptualizing and constructing your foundation. We utilize top-notch materials and advanced techniques to guarantee stable support, proper drainage, and precise concrete pouring.

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of time a project needs can vary due to different elements, like size, intricacy, and atmosphere. Once we talk about the particulars of your project, we will be able to give you an estimated length of time for completion.

When you are making a decision on which concrete finish to go with, it is important to consider factors like desired appearance, durability, upkeep needs, and financial limitations. Our team can assist you with evaluating your choices and help discover the finish that is right for your individual requirements.

Absolutely, we comprehend that each home is distinctive, and we offer a variety of customization possibilities to make sure your venture meets your particular needs. From design elements to color selections, we collaborate with you closely to craft a personalized solution that reflects your taste and preferences.

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